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Blue Beard Care Serum


Blue Beard Care Serum

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  • Dermatologically tested. ✓
  • It enhances your beard look more vibrant and strong.
  • It contains Herbal Complex, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil.
  • Value-Adding Brand award.
  • Luis Bien products were selected  best product of the year.

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£40.90 £35.90

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It is applied only once a day. It is essential for beard care. The beard and moustache, which make the man much more authentic, have a very important place in male care.

Blue Beard Care Serum stimulates beard growth. Beard growth may also vary depending on genetic and environmental conditions.

The serum activates your dormant follicles, speeds up your beard growth, and gives well-groomed appearance.

It has been specially developed for dull beards. It supports beards to look more vibrant and authentic by feeding hair follicles.


It helps strengthen dull and thin beards. It balances the moisture of facial skin.

Blue Beard Care Serum is formulated for every skin type.

How to Use

How to Use ?

  • Blue Beard Care Serum is suitable for every skin type.
  • With clean hands, place a few drops into your palms.
  • Gently rub it on your dry skin, let your skin absorb it into the hair follicles.
  • Rinse your face with warm water after 30-60 minutes.
  • To get high efficiency, regular use is very important.



Beard serum is a serum developed for weak, lifeless and sparse beards and mustaches. Thanks to its carefully produced natural ingredients, it deeply cares for the beards and repairs them. It supports the formation of new beard. With regular use, you can get a strong and voluminous beard.

Beard serum nourishes sparse, weak and lifeless beards. Gives a vibrant and healthy appearance by repairing the beard. The best beard serum Luis Bien beard growth serum supports the formation of a new beard.

The use of beard serum is very simple. First, make sure your beard is clean and dry. Then apply the serum to your beard. Make sure that the product is fully spread over your skin and beards by massaging in circular movements. Not washing your face until the serum is completely absorbed will increase the effect of the product.

By using beard serum, you will nourish and care for your beard and skin. With regular use, your beard will be given the moisture and vitamins it needs. In this way, you can have a strong and vibrant beard.

The most effective way to have a healthy beard is through regular beard care. You can get the best beard serum, Luis Bien beard care serum, from the website, cosmetic stores and spesific pharmacies.

Having a 94% positive feedback, the beard serum with high customer satisfaction is very effective in beard care. The serum recommended for regular use has no side effects or harm. Luis Bien products are approved by the Ministry of Health, reliable and have no side effects.

Regular use is recommended to get the best results from the most effective beard care serum, Luis Bien beard care serum. Once a day use is recommended for the fastest results. The product shows its effect from the first use.

Beard care serum is very easy to use. Before application, make sure your beard is clean and dry. During application, the product should be spread over all your beards and skin. After applying the product, you need to wait until it is completely absorbed.

The satisfaction rate of beard serum users is very high. Users who respond positively to the question of whether the beard serum works, recommend beard serum to all gentlemen.

Beard care serum shows its effect from the first use. With regular use, it provides you with a well-groomed and healthy beard. It is recommended to apply every day for the most effective results.

When choosing a beard serum, it is necessary to prefer products with natural ingredients. Natural and safe products should be chosen to avoid irritation, itching and skin problems, especially on sensitive skin. Luis Bien beard serum has a completely natural formula. It is easily absorbed by the skin, does not itch, does not leave a sticky feeling.

Luis Bien beard care serum is the most effective beard serum. Its carefully developed ingredients provide beard care, maintain the moisture balance of the skin and nourish the beard roots. Supports new beard formation by revitalizing beard roots.

Natural extracts, oils and vitamins in the beard serum nourish the beard roots deeply. Beard roots, which are nourished and repaired, come alive again. The use of beard serum supports the formation of a new beard. The use of a beard-growing serum for thin beards gives effective results in regular use.

Luis Bien beard serum is an effective care product for beard and mustache. Gives a healthy appearance by feeding the beard and mustache from root to tip. It is specially produced for the formation of a healthy, vibrant beard and mustache.

The specially designed ingredients of Luis Bien beard serum nourish beards, beard roots and skin. It repairs dull and unhealthy beards, mustaches and skin. The beards and mustaches that regain their health gain a lively, strong and voluminous appearance. It prevents hair loss and hair loss and supports the formation of a new beard.

You can view the user reviews of the beard serum and examine the user experience of the product’s work and satisfaction.

The Ministry of Health declarations of Luis Bien Beard Serum have been made and comply with the regulation. You can control by entering the barcode number on the Ministry of Health Product Tracking System. Our barcode code for our Blue Serum product has been determined as 8681469069375. For inquiry, visit the Ministry of Health UTS website.

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  1. Tomas Edwards

    It worked for me I’ve already ordered 3 of em

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