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Anti Dark Spot Cream SPF 20


Anti Dark Spot Cream SPF 20

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With Unique Formula Containing Rice Bran Oil and Vitamin E;
–To Protect The Skin Against The Harmful Effects Of The Sun,
– Regulating Skin Tone, Decreasing the Intensity of Blemishes and Brightening the Skin,
–Provide a Smoother Appearance to the Skin in Regular Use.

£34.90 £20.90

£34.90 £20.90

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What is the Anti Dark Cream?

– It contributes to the regulation of skin tone, reducing the density of spots and brightening the skin.

– It protects the skin against the harmful effects of the sun and helps moisturize it.

– It is quickly absorbed by the skin by its nature and contributes to the care of your skin throughout the day.


Importance of Blemish Cream

– Blemishes may occur on the skin for various reasons.

– Especially sun, seasonal conditions, postpartum are the most common reasons of these blemishes.

– In such risky periods, pigmentation occurs on the skin. This situation on the skin prepares the ground for blemishes on the skin and colour changes.

–Blemish Removal Cream eliminates problems such as sunspots and postpartum blemishes.

– Blemish Remover Cream can give good results to freckles, post-acne spots, postpartum blemishes.

– It also helps to eliminate dark spots and differences caused by skin stains.

– Skin Repair Cream also helps you get silky smooth skin texture.


How to Use?

– Apply twice a day to your clean skin

– In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

3 reviews for Anti Dark Spot Cream SPF 20

  1. Angelica Melton

    It is quite effective! and perfect for hot summer days too

  2. Alana Gallagher

    For the first time in forever, my skin is finally clear from acne and dark spots. I’ve been buying expensive products that never worked and only gives me more acne to be stressed about. I’m glad I found this brand I am inlove so much that I ordered other proudcts which actually works instead of the other popular brands. TThe results are amazing for the price. Would definitely keep buying.

  3. Vanessa Mayer

    Love these cream. No strong smell, doesn’t burn, only took about a week to start noticing a change

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