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About Us

Luis Bien has been producing effective and creative solutions in the field of personal care by keeping human health in the foreground since 2014.

We have been exporting from Turkey 80 product types to many countries such as United Kingdom, USA, Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Azerbaijan, China, UAE, Qatar and Macedonia.

Our products are located in more than 1000 sales points on the Dermo-Cosmetics shelves of distinguished stores and pharmacies such as Gratis, Watsons, Rossmann, DM Drogerie Stores, ZEGIN.

GMP Certified Products are offered to you in production facilities in compliance with ISO Standards, developed for your health and beauty with Superior Quality Control System. 


Contact Number : +44 7916 644278


Address : Muratpaşa Caddesi. Eğitim Mahallesi. No: 1 Nurtaş İş Merkezi. Kat: 9/29 Hasanpaşa / Kadıköy / Istanbul / Turkey